Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy takes a whole person approach to both mental and physical well-being and can enable you to achieve your full potential.  Illness, disability, accidents and even old age can reduce a person’s ability to manage independently, through targeted interventions designed to work on your goals Occupational Therapy can help you to reach you maximum potential and level of independence.

Occupation refers to practical and purposeful tasks that allow you to live your everyday life in a way that is meaningful to you.  This could be things like washing and dressing, meal preparation or leisure activities.  Occupational therapists are experts in finding solutions to everyday problems, from small pieces of equipment to skills training they can help you overcome your difficulties.  The support offered can help you to make a real difference, open up new horizons or change the way you feel about the future.  The aim is always to maximise your quality of life.

Common difficulties Occupational Therapy can help with

Getting about  Getting up and down from your chair, bed, car, toilet Personal care, washing, bathing, showering, dressing Preparing food Maintain you household Working or studying Hobbies or leisure time

At Bodysym our occupational therapist can use a variety of techniques to help you on your way to well-being.  Your treatment programme will start with a full functional assessment in your own home, during this assessment we will look at what tasks you can and cannot manage, and what prevents you from doing the things you want to.  After the assessment the Occupational Therapist will discuss your options with you which may include:-

Compensatory techniques – learning new ways to carry out old activities that have become difficult or restricted.

Small aids and equipment – the use of specially designed equipment that may help compensate for loss of ability and return you to independence.

Confidence building – helping you to trust in yourself again and feel you can take on life’s challenges.

Moving and handling – particularly important for those who may have sustained injury over a long period of time through repeated movements such as lifting, reaching and stretching.

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The quality of the specialist expertise of the physiotherapist in the practice is simply outstanding – by far the best in terms of effective treatment I have ever experienced. [Read more testimonials]

C Corfield – Whitstable

Professional clinic and skilled physiotherapists helped me manage my ongoing pain.
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