Antenatal Massage

Backache? Swollen feet? Headaches? Not surprisingly, carrying the extra weight of a baby around all day can make you uncomfortable. Massage during pregnancy is a safe, healthy way to relieve many of the everyday symptoms women experience.

Reduce swelling

Swelling in arms and legs is quite normal during pregnancy, due to excess water in the body. It can however cause a lot of discomfort, especially in the later months. Massaging the feet, ankles and lower legs helps reduce swelling and ease any pain it causes.

Ease headaches

Massaging the head, neck and shoulders can ease trigger points and muscle spasms, helping you relax and reducing your chances of suffering migraines or tension headaches.

Relieve muscle tension

Massage encourages blood flow to tense muscles. This provides more nutrient-rich oxygen and increases the flow of lymphatic fluid to sweep away toxins and metabolic waste.

Sleep better

Sadly we can’t promise that massage will make you or your new-born sleep through the night, but it can promote better sleep during pregnancy and after birth. Regular massage not only reduces anxiety and discomfort, it encourages relaxation which in turn can improve your sleep patterns.

When is it safe to have antenatal massage?

You can start enjoying massages once your pregnancy has passed the 12-week mark.

Pamper your pregnancy

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