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At Bodysym, our experienced nutrition coach can assist you in figuring out your calorie & food portion goals, make adjustments to your eating habits, and help ensure that you maintain a healthy weight – Whether that’s trying to reduce body fat or increase lean mass.

This includes taking body measurements, formulating a diet & workout plan that fits your lifestyle, reviewing & adjusting for progress, and having your very own coach to assist you every step of the way.

We can clear up any food & dieting myths you’ve heard, and ensure that you have a happy & healthy relationship with food while working towards long-term, sustainable progress.

Cost of service:
£40 initial consultation (40 mins)
£40 follow-up consultation (40 mins)
£215 block of 6 sessions; Recommended (Save £25)

Athletic Development

This service is tailored to competitive athletes looking to gain the athletic edge. Our experienced fitness coach & access to the lab means we can track your performance markers (i.e. body fat percentage, eating habits, etc.) and formulate a plan that improves your recovery, leading to more effective training sessions & better performances.

This includes formulating the correct diet plan with ingredients & quantities that will help promote energy, recovery & improvements to body composition. The lab is also available to test performance markers and track quantitative data.

Cost of service:
£40 initial consultation (40 mins)
£40 follow-up consultation (40 mins)
£215 block of 6 sessions; Recommended (Save £25)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my first consultation?

Your initial consultation lasts 40 minutes. To gage an understanding of what you need, we ask lots of specific questions regarding your health, diet & lifestyle. You can discuss any allergies/possible sensitivities to certain foods, any health concerns or eating disorders you may or may not have. Everything is completely confidential.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever clothing you feel most comfortable in. We do ask that you keep some loose-fitting, comfortable clothes handy along with trainers if we are to use the lab for exercises purposes.

Don’t worry if you forget, we keep a stock of clean sportswear here. You’re welcome to change in private if you prefer and can provide a chaperone when needed.

Should I bring anything with me?

Please bring any details of medications you take, any possible food allergies/intolerances, and if you have health insurance, remember to bring details. If your GP or consultant has stated specific dietary guidelines you must follow, please bring the relevant information.

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The quality of the specialist expertise of the physiotherapist in the practice is simply outstanding – by far the best in terms of effective treatment I have ever experienced. [Read more testimonials]

C Corfield – Whitstable

Professional clinic and skilled physiotherapists helped me manage my ongoing pain.
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Hannah – Ramsgate