Cycling Injuries Clinic

Are you a cyclist experiencing pain, or trying to recover from an accident? We can help.

To find out what’s causing the problem, we examine you both off and on your bike. We look at your joints, muscle balance, posture, riding position, style of movement and any existing injuries. By assessing your personal biomechanics in this way, we can help improve your efficiency and recovery time.

Whatever your level, it’s important your bike fits you correctly so you don’t develop problems over time. So after the assessment, we can recommend adjustments for your bike as well for you.

We can help with common cycling injuries

Neck and back pain Kneecap (Patello-famoral) pain  Knee and shin (Patellar tendon) pain  IIiotibial band syndrome (tightness/inflammation of ligament running down the outside of the thigh from hip to shin)  Hamstring injury  Hand pain, tingling or numbness (paresthesia)

Get back in the saddle

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What our clients say…

The quality of the specialist expertise of the physiotherapist in the practice is simply outstanding – by far the best in terms of effective treatment I have ever experienced. [Read more testimonials]

C Corfield – Whitstable

Professional clinic and skilled physiotherapists helped me manage my ongoing pain.
[Read more testimonials]

Hannah – Ramsgate