Physiotherapy (60 mins) £70.00
Physiotherapy Initial Consultation (45 mins) £50.00
Physiotherapy Follow up session (30 mins) £40.00

Ostenil®Plus Injection £195.00

Podiatry Initial Consultation £80.00
Podiatry Follow up session £40.00
Podiatry Biomechanical assessment (1 hour) £80.00
Podiatry Biomechanical Follow up  (30 mins) £40.00

Orthotics – Prices vary

Initial Routine Chiropody (40 mins) £37.00
Routine Chiropody (Long 1 hour) £50.00
Routine Chiropody (Standard 30 minutes) £35.00
Routine Chiropody (Short 15 Minutes) £26.00

Nail Surgery (60 mins) £185.00

Sports massage (30mins) £30.00
Sports massage (60 mins) £42.00

Swedish massage (30mins) £30.00
Swedish massage (60 mins) £42.00

Prenatal Massage (1hr) 12 weeks & over only £42.00
Prenatal Massage (30 mins) 12 weeks & over only £30.00

Shockwave Single Session £60
Shockwave Treatment Package (3 Sessions) £150.00

All Classes run on a six week term time basis. Each Studio Card runs for the duration of a course of classes and should be bought prior to the course starting. Those who join during a course are very welcome but are asked to pay for individual classes until the end of the course. Classes are run during term time only. Each class must be paid for in advance. Studio Cards must be used for consecutive classes.