Chiropody & Nail Surgery

Get your feet feeling good and looking their best

Bodysym’s resident foot expert is Tom Evans, an experienced HCPC-registered podiatrist who’s worked in both private practice and the NHS.

Tom and his skilled team offer safe skin and nail care for people of all ages, including:

Expert nail-cutting  Treatment for corns, calluses, verrucas, warts, ingrown or thickened nails, hard skin, cracked heels and tinea (conditions such as athlete’s foot) Professional foot health advice to prevent future problems

Toenail tidy-up

Struggling to reach your nails? Finding your feet hard to manage? Whether you want to tackle dry skin or get nails glowing again, our team can help.

Ingrown toenails and nail surgery

When it comes to ingrowers, we focus on being as gentle as possible to give you lasting relief. If simple treatments don’t help, surgery can be effective for ingrown, thickened, damaged, abnormally curved or fungus-infected nails.

Nail surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and usually takes less than 30 minutes. Using sterilised tools, the podiatrist gently lifts and trims away the affected area of nail. Then the growth plate is destroyed using a chemical to stop the nail growing back. The skin is not cut or stitched so recovery time is short.  Once fully healed, the nail looks normal, just slightly narrower than before. Most people find the procedure fairly pain-free and can get back to normal the next day.

Discoloured toenails

White, yellow or greenish nails can arise due to infections and skin conditions. 50% of cases stem from fungal infections, others from nail polish staining, damage, trauma or health problems. If you don’t know the cause, we’ll find out.

Nail care for diabetics

Diabetic feet need special care, so we offer services including safe skin/nail care, diabetes education and annual assessments.

Cracked heels

We’ll have you sandal-ready in no time! Our therapist gently buffs off dry dead skin to leave heels baby-smooth. If needed, we can dress or tape larger cracks to aid healing, and assess whether the cracking is due to an underlying condition.

We’ll keep you on your feet

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The quality of the specialist expertise of the physiotherapist in the practice is simply outstanding – by far the best in terms of effective treatment I have ever experienced. [Read more testimonials]

C Corfield – Whitstable

Professional clinic and skilled physiotherapists helped me manage my ongoing pain.
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Hannah – Ramsgate