Ergonomics For Workplaces

The space in which you work can have a huge impact on your physical wellbeing. We all deserve to be able to work in the safest, most comfortable way. So whether you’re an employer or work for yourself, why not call us in to ergonomically assess your workplace?

What are ergonomics?

In Greek, the word ergo = work and nomus = laws, so ergonomics means ‘the laws of work’. Ergonomics is about designing work systems and environments that best suit the way our bodies are built and how they function.

For example, if a work environment or machine isn’t specifically designed to suit its user’s individual needs, this can lead to poor performance, physical discomfort and even injury.

Good ergonomics matter, especially in: 

Product/machine design and engineering Industrial work system design Workplace layouts Workstation and office equipment manufacture Health and safety compliance and laws

How can physiotherapists help with ergonomics?

We’re interested in how ergonomics can help prevent injury to any part of the body. So businesses bring us into their work environments to identify any potential risk of injury – then we recommend adjustments that help reduce those risks.

Bodysym’s Matt Baker has a postgraduate diploma in Health Ergonomics from the University of Surrey and a special interest in office and industrial ergonomics.

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