Your initial consultation lasts 45 minutes. To fully understand your problem, we ask lots of specific questions about your symptoms. You can discuss any reports or investigations you’ve had done through your GP or consultant. Everything is completely confidential.

Choose loose-fitting comfortable clothes that allow us to move areas of your body around freely.

  • Lower limb problems – shorts and bare feet
  • Neck, shoulder and arm problems – vest top
  • Lower back problems – shorts or loose-fitting trousers (ideally with elastic waist)

Don’t worry if you forget, we keep a stock of clean sportswear here. You’re welcome to change in private if you prefer and we can provide a chaperone when needed.

We physically examine you in order to make a correct diagnosis. What we do varies depending on the type and severity of your problem, but generally we:

  • Observe your posture and biomechanics (way of moving)
  • Ask you to perform various movements and actions
  • Carry out specific tests
  • Feel the areas around the region of your symptoms

We build an idea of what’s causing your symptoms and create a plan to manage them. It’s your body of course, but we don’t expect you to manage the problem effectively unless you fully understand it. That’s why we discuss everything with you, so we can work together to make things better.

We’ll tell you how long we expect your recovery to take and what to expect. We design an individual treatment plan to help you regain full fitness as quickly as possible. It can consist of various soft tissue techniques, mobilising stiff joints or even acupuncture. We always consult you and give you plenty of choice throughout the treatment process.

When necessary, we also provide you with a personal exercise programme, but don’t worry about trying to remember everything – we email or print full instructions for you.

Please bring the results of any investigations you’ve had done and details of medications you take. If you’ve been referred by your GP or consultant, their referral letter should include any relevant results or information. If you have health insurance, remember to bring details.