Miranda graduated from the University of Brighton in 1997. Having specialised in musculoskeletal podiatry and in particular within paediatrics she holds a prominent position in the NHS. Somewhat of an expert in her field, she regularly presents at conferences.

Miranda has worked closely with teams consisting of Orthopaedic surgeons, nursing staff and physiotherapists in a multidisciplinary environment but has also worked in  private practice primarily managing sports injuries in advanced and elite runners.

In her spare time Miranda is a keen runner herself and understands the rigours of the sport she pursues. She is a mother of two daughters who keep her extremely busy (but young at the same time !!)

Podiatry assessments include a detailed anatomical review of the structure, alignment and function of the lower limb. Video analysis of ambulation during walking and running is often used to isolate the small anomalies of the gait cycle. Specially designed or generically made orthotics are often prescribed for the shoe to correct the patients foot position when making contact with the ground. Combining this with a range of exercises that complement the other disciplines within Bodysym, Miranda can treat many of the following conditions:

Achilles Tendonitis


Ankle impingement

Shin splints

Anterior Knee pain

Some Hip and lower back complaints

Leg length differences